Caroline Street: The absence of something…revisited
During the mid to late 70s myself and Dave Edwards (now a  psychotherapist) shared a Tyneside flat in the west end of Newcastle upon Tyne. We were both studying Fine Art at Newcastle Polytechnic.
This area was (and still is) quite run down - occupied by a mix of the socially impoverished, from a multi ethnic background. In many ways, as students from west and south Yorkshire respectively, we parachuted ourselves into a community we initially had no obvious connection to.  Unrest and inequality were about to manifest themselves in the politically polarised Thatcher years, and our dodgy, defunct terrace was a ‘still standing’ testament of this changing world.
After college we eventually went our own ways.
Caroline Street was demolished. 
There was some attempt to redevelop parts of the surrounding area but Caroline Street itself has been left as open grassland.  It resembles an urban beach, where rubbish and crap wash up and are held in grassy tentacles.
The re-imagining of this space is the entry point to a new project we are currently developing.
Ongoing Caroline Street project development can be seen here >
UPDATE: This project has now received Arts Council funding and will be shown at the OVADA gallery in Oxford spring 2019. Title: Neither Use Nor Ornament

***UPDATE: the name of a new print magazine which features my early work at Caroline Street . The subject of this edition (Jan 2018)  is 'The Geometry of Nothing'. This link takes you to the first edition order page >

Malmö Folkets park, Baltic exhibition 1914... click here to see more
I am developing a UK/ Swedish project titled FREE TRADE
The basis of this project, which will encompass photography, moving image and the written word, is that two contemporary spaces – the soon to be developed Malmo Quay in Newcastle upon Tyne and Malmö in Sweden - form the jumping off point for a semi-fictional narrative. This narrative looks at issues around migration and trade between nations over time.
the Multo calculating machine - manufactured in Malmö and imported into Newcastle in the 1950's
My collodian glass plate of the Multo in 2015
'White man' demonstration near Malmo Quay, Newcastle... click here to see more
Work in progress. Ongoing short video which I regard as a drawing for larger ideas. This uses an excerpt from a longer verse of mine and is interjected by my younger self - lifted from a video I made in 1980 called 'When was NOW'
Work in progress. Ongoing short video which I regard as a drawing for larger ideas... this one filmed on a mobile phone on the banks of the river Tyne.


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