Specials Laboratories commissioned me to make a video installation sited in their head office. It took the form of a four screen video tower. 
The piece was made in 6 mute 'movements' with a 'controller' video that plays the audio. Insitu, this enables them to create varying permutations of what is shown on the four monitors on any particular day. The client wanted a piece that reflected their working environment (aseptic pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratories and offices). They made no stipulations as to content and I was allowed total freedom of access and concept.
It became a vehicle for furthering my exploration of what it is to document 'time' - and the impossibility/ contradictions of such a concept. I developed an 'open shutter' approach, attempting to capture the essence of their processes by physically following movements through time.
Project completed 2008

The 'controller' video (above) is made is such a way that clips cross reference each other and make other, often poetic, connections and linear narrative is subverted in favour of lateral connections.
Video tower construction: click image above for article printed in AN magazine
Above is a selection of photography made during the project.


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