The Tipping Point, is a video based on a verse I wrote in 2014. Inspired by epic poems such as Beowulf and Basil Bunting's Briggflatts (and the verse convention of Rupert Bear annuals too) it was initially written as free rhyming, spoken word.

With the unfolding of national and international world events, its dystopian content has become ever more relevant in the following years. I decided to use it as the basis of a video piece and have recorded it as a male/female narration. 
The full length (8 mins) version can now be seen above. 
You can also watch it on the video arts channel SIX MINUTES PAST NINE  
...and like a fairytale absurd
where once was sofa, rug, tv
now squats this dullard metal toad
"we'd move if we could find the road;
but where to go, we need a leader;
no desert's left where we can hide
from missiles with computer guides."


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